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Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure
  31. Don’t tell me such things _______ you are not certain.
  A. that
  B. which
  C. those
  D. as
  32. _______ a microscope we can see different kinds of things that are unable to be seen by our naked eyes.
  A. In terms of
  B. In place of
  C. By means of
  D. By far
  33. Jackson went to work ______ his illness.
  A. besides
  B. even though
  C. in spite of
  D. although
  34. Anybody will do, _______ he is responsible for that.
  A. as far as
  B. so far as
  C. as long as
  D. as soon as
  35. I suppose they have known about it, _______?
  A. am I
  B. am not I
  C. have they
  D. haven’t they
  36. It ______ him ten years to write that novel.
  A. took
  B. spent
  C. cost
  D. costed
  37. The students are looking forward to _______ their holidays in Japan.
  A. spend
  B. spending
  C. for spend
  D. spent
  38. They all ______ mentioning that girl.
  A. avoided
  B. got away
  C. ran away
  D. escaped
  39. Human beings should find a new _______ of energy.
  A. orient
  B. source
  C. origin
  D. souse
  40. The couch is comfortable to _______.
  A. sit
  B. be sat
  C. sitted
  D. sit on
  41. So loudly _______ that all the people in the room got a fright.
  A. he shouted
  B. shout he
  C. did he shout
  D. he did shout
  42. He is the only one of the sons in the family who ______ received high education.
  A. are
  B. is
  C. have
  D. has
  43. We think of Mr. Li ______ our good friend.
  A. is
  B. to be
  C. as
  D. has been
  44. The mountain is 1,000 feet _______ the sea level.
  A. over
  B. higher
  C. above
  D. high
  45. The road will be blocked if there _______ another snow.
  A. is
  B. will be
  C. to be
  D. will have
  46. David like country life and has decided to _______ farming.
  A. get hold of
  B. get along with
  C. go in for
  D. go thorough
  47. These children have an advantage _______ those in calculation.
  A. over
  B. than
  C. to
  D. with
  48. Shanghai has a larger population than _______ in China.
  A. any city
  B. any other cities
  C. other city
  D. any other city
  49. In some countries there are a lot of young people now need _______teeth.
  A. false
  B. untrue
  C. wrong
  D. erroneous
  50. This book costs ______ that one.
  A. twice more
  B. twice more as
  C. two times more as
  D. twice as much as

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