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1. allow for (=take into consideration, take into account) 考虑到, 估计到 .

  2. amount to (=to be equal to) 总计, 等于

  3. answer for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 对…负责。

  4. answer to (=conform to) 适合,符合。

  5. be anxious about 为…焦急不安; 或anxious for

  6. apologize to sb. for sth. 为…向…道歉

  7. appeal to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人呼吁。 appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力

  8. apply to sb. for sth. 为…向…申请 ; apply for申请; apply to 适用。

  9. apply to 与…有关;适用

  10. approve of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 赞成, approve vt. 批准

  11. adhere to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, pe rsist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 坚持, 遵循

  12. adjacent(=next to, close to) 毗邻的, 临近的

  13. adjust……(to) (=change slightly)调节; 适应;

  14. admit of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的可能,留有…的余地。

  15. in advance (before in time) 预告, 事先。

  16. ahead of 在…之前, 超过…;……………。 ahead of time 提前。

  17. in the air 1)不肯定, 不具体。 2)在谣传中。

  18. above all (=especially, most important of all) 尤其是, 最重要的。

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